Minutes of the Online Council Meeting held on

Thursday 16th July 2020 at 7.30pm.



G Steady (Mayor)

J Chapman (Deputy Mayor)

M Barry, M Beckett, G Chasney,

J Howard, M Judson and B Smith

In attendance:

Tracey Pulford – Town Clerk

County Councillor Goggin

2 Members of the public

26. APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE: Councillor Carr.


Councillor Barry proposed that the Minutes of the meeting held on the 18th June 2020 were accepted as a true record.  Seconded by Councillor Chapman.  Agreed.


The Mayor reminded Members to declare interests when necessary.


Councillor Chapman proposed that the Minutes of the Finance and Property Meeting held on the 13th July 2020 are accepted as a true record, and the recommendations (as written) be accepted:-

  1. The recommendations in the Internal Audit Report 2020 are adopted as written, making note of the comments, as listed in the finance minutes.
  2. The Risk Assessment for 2019/2020 is accepted and signed off at the Council Meeting on the 16th July 2020.
  3. The Asset Register for 2019/2020 be accepted, and the value of £2,578.751 would form part of the AGAR figures.
  4. The Annual Financial Report was agreed by all present, and the recommendations made in that report were noted.
  5. The Year End Accounts are agreed and signed off at the Council Meeting on the 16th July 2020.
  6. Section 1 of the Annual Governance Statement is completed as follows:- questions 1-8 yes; question 9 N/A.
  7. The figures in Section 2 of the AGAR are agreed as written.
  8. Maurice Howard is re-appointed as the Council’s Internal Auditor for the year 2020/2021.
  9. Payment of Members Allowances – this  item will be referred to another meeting, once the six month rule has passed.
  10. Insurance Claim re CCTV – The Council accepts the quotation from Homeview Surveillance, and will try to get the insurance money as offered.  Whilst proceeding with the quotation from Homeview Surveillance, the Council asks them to submit a quotation to upgrade the system at the Bayard Rec, and include possible cameras at the Lozenge, so the Council has a holistic system which covers all areas, linked in and under one maintenance contract.


The Payments and Accounts for the period ending April, May and June 2020, as written, were proposed by Councillor Chapman:

April 2020:

Current Account


Saver Account


Base Rate Reward Account


Making a total of:


Less un-presented cheques of:


Bank Balances on all Accounts :


Income to date


Expenditure to date


Employee payments paid for April


Payments taken direct from the bank account in April –33 payments totalling


May 2020:

Current Account


Saver Account


Base Rate Reward Account


Making a total of:


Less un-presented cheques of:


Bank Balances on all Accounts :


Income to date


Expenditure to date


Employee payments paid for May


Payments taken direct from the bank account in May –34 payments totalling


June 2020:

Current Account


Saver Account


Base Rate Reward Account


Making a total of:


Less un-presented payment of:


Bank Balances on all Accounts :


Income to date


Expenditure to date


Employee payments paid for June


Payments taken direct from the bank account in June –35 payments totalling


Councillor Chapman also proposed that the 19 payments, totalling £11,603.42, as written,  be authorised for payment.  Seconded by Councillor Barry.  Agreed.


A copy of the report from County Councillor Goggin had been circulated to all members.

Questions were asked from Members:-

Councillor Barry asked about item 9 and the comment that “no negative comments have been received”, and what this meant.  County Councillor Goggin replied that he has not received any negative comments from residents, teachers or pupils since the Brightlingsea Primary School reopened. All comments received have been very positive.  Councillor Barry concurred with this and said that everything had been excellent.  He also mentioned that an apology had been given to the Head Teacher, over the lack of communication, which had been well received.

Councillor Chapman mentioned the lamp post which has been knocked down at the zebra crossing, and said that the procedure if something is knocked down, UK Power Networks are called out to make it safe, the Police are notified, but it is down to the local Council to notify Essex County Council.  County Councillor Goggin replied that once the office were aware of the issue, they dealt with it, and the matter was resolved.

Councillor Howard advised members that she had apologised to the School, as she was unaware that they had been open during the pandemic, and should have contacted them sooner.  She also mentioned that the Emergency Plan will need updating.

Councillor Smith mentioned the beacon at the zebra crossing and stated that priority must be given to those items that relate to health & safety.  He said when we tried to get the white lines painted on this crossing, it took a long time to get the County Council to carry out this work.  He added that when a car hits a pole, priority must be given if there is a health & safety issue, as in this case, and asked County Councillor Goggin to liaise with his colleagues at Chelmsford about this.  The Mayor said that the Town Council should make representation to Essex County Council, and would copy County Councillor Goggin into any communication.

Councillor Steady mentioned item 12 and the cycle track, and said that although it has now been swept, is it on an on-going maintenance schedule?  County Councillor Goggin replied that in theory it is on an on-going maintenance schedule, however speaking to those who use the cycle path, an issue is also the bollards, which the Highways Rangers are to remove.

Councillor Steady also mentioned item 18 and the members grant and asked if County Councillor Goggin needed the Town Council to give recommendations.  County Councillor Goggin replied that he is going to reprint the rules, application form and criteria which he has been given, and said that it would be good if more money could be made available.

Councillor Chapman asked County Councillor Goggin if he could send the Town Council’s condolences to Rodney Bass’s  family, as he had visited Brightlingsea, and walked the streets with Alan.  County Councillor Goggin said this is a kind gesture, and that he would take these comments back.

County Councillor Goggin then mentioned the following:-

  • The Library reopening – have not had any feedback on this.
  • Red Barn Road – pleased to see the repairs works going on.
  • A full meeting of Essex County Council was held, where over 100 people attended.  The key points were:-
  • The Nightingale bursary – £1m plus for training for nurses.
  • Summer camps – trying to help with activities for children.
  • There is a huge shortfall of money, however Essex County Council has its reserves.
  • The big test will be when the schools go back in September.  It will be a difficult time for all.  The buses will need to incorporate social distancing and pocket groups,  however there are not enough buses, or drivers to incorporate this.  There will be people who do not want their children to go back to school, some taking them back in cars.  This subject is taking up a lot of time at County.

The Mayor then asked for questions to County Councillor Goggin from members of the public:

Q1) In one of your posts, you said that there was a meeting in Brightlingsea to increase employment.  With this increase in employment, will there be more traffic on the B1029 from Frating Cross Roads to Brightlingsea?

A1) County Councillor Goggin replied that he did not know the answer to that.  However he had a discussion today with a local Pub down by the Waterside, and since they reopened they have increased their staff, which sounds fantastic.  He apologised again that he did not know the answer to the question.


No questions were raised by members of the public.


Councillor Smith proposed that the recommendations in the Minutes of 9th July 2020 be agreed by Council, together with the planning decisions from Tendring District Council.  Seconded by Councillor Howard.  Agreed.


The Mayor briefed on the following:-

  • The staff are planning to return to the Parish Hall on the 3rd August 2020, subject to guidelines at that time.   He said that he was not sure if the office would be open to the public straight away.  Councillor Howard asked how the date of the 3rd August had been decided?  The Mayor replied that safety measures were being put in place and it was thought 3rd August would be a good test.  Councillor Howard asked whether a bigger hall could be used to hold our monthly meetings in the future.  The Mayor replied that this would be looked into nearer the time.
  • Councillor Barry mentioned the Tendring District Councillor report and advised members that he had received an update from Jonathan Hamlet of Tendring District Council about the recycling at the Marina.  They have ordered the waste bags and a publicity campaign/ letter to all residents will take place in the near future.
  • Councillor Barry also mentioned the various government announcements on grants and one for a green campaign to improve insulation and energy efficient houses.  He said that across the district they will incorporate some sort of energy assessment, and this This would be an opportunity to invest in residents, improve energy efficiency and to improve risks in the home.
  • Councillor Chapman briefed members that she had attended a Local Plan Meeting yesterday, and as soon as the Local Plan has been passed by Full Council, she will pass a copy to Councillor Smith for the Planning Committee.  Councillor Steady mentioned the housing list, as at 1st May 2020, which had been circulated to all members and that 4% of people request to live in Brightlingsea.  A discussion took place.
  • Councillor Smith informed members that the proposals for the Garden City around Wivenhoe may be at odds with the Wivenhoe Plan.  Colchester Borough Council have adopted the Wivenhoe plan so it will be interesting to see what happens next.  He then mentioned the recycling at the Marina, and that it is such a shame that the recycling did not start in 2008, as the County Council pay the District Council recycling credits, so the more the District Council recycles, the more money it receives.  It is good that the scheme is due, but a lot of money has been wasted over 12 years.  The Mayor said that when the recycling scheme is up and running, we should put comments in to advise of our findings, the length of time it has taken etc.  He asked Cllr Smith to look into this.
  • Councillor Howard informed members that there were over 100 glass bottles in the bin at the Lozenge this morning, so someone is using it as a recycling point.  Also, another glass recycling point is needed at this side of town, so maybe it could be looked at again.  She also asked the Mayor for an update on the Shelter next to the Lido.  Cllr Steady replied that there is no update at the moment as such, but it would be included in the projects to be costed and funded.
  • Councillor Steady asked Councillors Chasney and Howard about the signage at the Western Promenade, and whether a review has been carried out?  He also said that he was surprised that the drowning issue has not been mentioned on any reports.  Councillor Chasney replied that he was setting up a meeting with Councillors Carr, Howard and himself and Mike Carran of TDC to discuss this further.  Councillor Steady said that he has a copy of the report from the incident which happened on the 12th, taken from social media.  Councillor Howard asked for a copy of this report, Councillor Steady replied that it was available on social media.  Councillor Chasney said that he would put everything in a proposal, to take to the next meeting for discussion with Tendring District Council.

Town Clerks Report:-

  1. Bert Stocks Fun Fair – It was agreed that the details of the proposed visit of the Fun Fair would be send to John Fox of Tendring District Council’s Safety Advisory Group, for their comments.
  2. Agreed that DDMix can hold outdoor dance sessions on the Bayard Recreation Ground, subject to Government Guidelines.
  3. Hare and Tortoise Running Limited – It was agreed that the details of the proposed tester event of the Hare and Tortoise Running Club would be send to John Fox of Tendring District Council’s Safety Advisory Group, for their comments.
  4. Agreed that Yoga with Hanna can be held on the Millennium Gardens, subject to Government Guidelines.
  5. Agreed that the United Church can hold an Open Air Service on Hurst Green, date to be advised, but during August, subject to Government Guidelines.


There being no further business, the meeting closed at 8.14 p.m.

Chair ……………………

Date: 20th August 2020

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