Minutes of the Extra Ordinary Council Meeting held at The Parish Hall, Victoria Place, Brightlingsea on:

Wednesday 16th December 2015 at 7.00 p.m.




J Chapman (Mayor)

K Yallop (Deputy Mayor)

M Barry, I Block, D Dixon, D Ingate (7.09pm onwards),

M Judson, J Russell and G Steady


In attendance:
3 Members of the publicTracey Pulford –Town Clerk

5 Candidates


  1. APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE: Councillor V Chapman




The Mayor reminded Members to declare interests when necessary, especially if you know any of the candidates standing for co-option.




The Mayor welcomed the co-option applicants to the meeting and explained the majority voting procedure that Members would follow in Co-opting new Councillors to Brightlingsea Town Council. Applicants were then invited to speak individually for two minutes each, after which members could then ask a question.


Councillors Dixon and Russell both declared a personal interest in the following candidate

James Bloyce Mr Bloyce informed the Council that he was 34 years old and had been a resident of Brightlingsea since 1984, with a 5 year gap. He works for Essex County Council as a child protection social worker – a position he has held for the last 5 years. He used to work in Southend, but now works in Tendring. He stood at the recent election but unfortunately came 2nd. He has a desire to sit on the council to help Brightlingsea and to help with decision making. He has previous experience with working with the elderly and there is a high portion of elderly in the town. He stated that he was very aware of the high proportion of young parents in the town, who need support and assistance – if you put things in place at a young age it can help things later on. Mr Bloyce also stated that he feels Brightlingsea would benefit from a veterinary practice, as he sadly lost his dog a few weeks ago and although he was able to drive to Colchester to the Colne Valley Practice, some people are unable to do this.


Councillor J Chapman declared a personal interest in the following candidate

Tony Hicks Mr Hicks informed members that he has lived in Lower Park Road for 20 years, and is coming up to 58 years old. He works for UK Power Networks and is involved with one of the local masonic centres in Brightlingsea. He is also involved with Colne Radio presenting the Country Music on a Tuesday evening. He is hoping to retire in the next couple of years. He stated that he has a military background and moved to Brightlingsea with his wife. He is not 100% certain what is involved in being a Councillor, or what the responsibilities are, but is sure he will learn as time goes on.


Councillors J Chapman and Russell both declared a personal interest in the following candidate

Jean Howard Ms Howard informed members that she moved to Brightlingsea 7 years ago, having sold her own business. She is a volunteer with the Autumn Centre, helps to manage the shop in the High Street, and feels that the lunch club is great for the elderly. She served on Littleport Parish Council for 15 years, 2 as Chairman. One thing she is passionate about is speeding in residential areas. At Littleport Parish Council she ran a successful campaign to get speed reduced, and this is something she would like to get involved with here in Brightlingsea. She also helped set up a Community Warden Scheme with Age Concern, which is still a great success. She loves living in Brightlingsea, as it has a lovely mixed age group and loves to walk along the seafront. She would like to help maintain the seafront wherever possible and would like the opportunity to join the Town Council.


Ben Smith Mr Smith informed members that he lives at 6 The Hard, Brightlingsea, and is a retired landscape architect – where he has carried out a lot of work in Essex. Previously lived up North and for over 20 years he served as a Parish Councillor for Litchborough Parish Council, and was Chair for 8.   He has a lot of contact with the Local Government Association where, until recently, he was a Peer Member and Peer Mentor. He has undertaken consultancy work at a number of councils in Essex and Wales, including Essex County Council, as well as mentoring to Environment Cabinet Members. In 2002 he attended the United Nations World Summit on Sustainable Development in South Africa. He is a member of the Gardening club, Colne Yacht Club, and was co-opted onto the Community Centre. He tries to involve himself as much as he can, and feels he can bring a lot of experience regarding Local Government if chosen onto the Council.


Michael Smith Mr Smith informed members that he is a relatively newcomer to Brightlingsea, as he only came to Brightlingsea in October last year. He has been visiting since 1998 when his daughter moved here. He is a retired Director of Music and Cathedral organist and recently wrote his memoirs. He was Chairman of a Residents Association in Hereford and was Clerk to a Parish Council in Wiltshire. Mr Smith has joined the U3A, Luncheon Club and the Seaview Players. He has recently been in contact with Essex County Council regarding the bollards on Brightlingsea Road, and also the white lines in Victoria Place. He campaigned about these, and is pleased that something has now been carried out. He is also concerned that the bus stops still mention a number 78a bus, when that service finished over a year ago.


The vote was independently verified by the Town Clerk, Tracey Pulford, and the Administrative Assistant, Julie Crittenden.


Candidate 1 – Round 1

J Bloyce – 2 votes

Tony Hicks – 0 votes

Jean Howard – 5 votes

Ben Smith – 2 votes

Michael Smith – 0 votes


Majority vote – Ms Jean Howard


Candidate 2 – Round 1

J Bloyce – 4 votes

Tony Hicks – 1 votes

Ben Smith – 3 votes

Michael Smith – 1 votes


Candidate 2 – Round 2

J Bloyce – 4 votes

Ben Smith – 5 votes

Majority vote – Mr Ben Smith




The co-opted Councillors signed the Declaration of Acceptance of Office which was witnessed and countersigned by the Town Clerk.



There being no further business, the meeting closed at 7.56 p.m.




Chair ……………………


Date 21st January 2016


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