The Mayor and I have attended meetings with the Harbour Master and a local businessman about difficulties with the harbour and hard dues. The Harbour Commissioners position is very clear. They are not allowed to make a loss. I need to discuss the issue with Councillors at this meeting as we may need to seek Counsel’s opinion and I suggest that a figure of £4,000 is set aside as a reserve. I have seen a copy of a letter from the Harbour Commissioners requesting their own legal opinions. They are awaiting a reply before coming forward with recommendations for charges. This will mean that the original meeting anticipated for December – to look at charges – will be called in January (probably).

I am aware of several rumours about a bid and change of use for parts of the Waterside development. I have sought clarification from Tendring planning but am advised that nothing official has changed yet. Apparently there have been some informal discussions with interested parties but these may be commercially sensitive. I personally know no more than last month.

Alan Goggin