Local Highways Panel.


Meeting scheduled for Dec 12 CANCELLED General election conflict New Date Jan 6 2020
Bollard. High Street.





AG requested Nov 6 [Julie] to look at bollard mess outside Dave’s barber shop. AG reported again. Highways advise bollard hit soon after last replacement. Seeking to replace again. Ordered. In meantime a “make-safe” repair being organised by Essex Highways. I asked if possible before late-night shopping.   No reply yet.
Outside visits to local pre-school and nursery. Nov 15.


In my role as “Early Years grant chairman. To understand how grant monies spent. “Settings” which specialize in children with special needs.

Some local residents.

A really worthwhile and much needed support system for already hard pressed parents.
Town Council Website


AG requested possibility ECC “notes” to be added to site Entered. AG needs to check “word” format as appears out of order. Thanks to Tracey for organizing with Webmaster.
Assisted crossing person.



Note from ECC to AG that “Lollipop” person retiring and need replacement Advert supplied and circulated. Including Town Council Thanks to Tracey for putting on Town website.
Full ECC meeting. Dec 10.


Meeting cancelled due to proximity of General Election. Expected lack of member numbers 2 days before election day No Action
Local Care homes.



Meeting with Cllr. Jayne Chapman Another care home declared bankrupt and closed locally. Discussed current availability of beds and day respite.
Bus route to Clacton.




Local resident contacted Cllr Jayne Chapman Question re ECC bus pass not allowed on route to Clacton. Confirmation back from ECC that the pass can be used and should be accepted.   Cllr Chapman reported back to resident
Oct 18.




Meeting with local MP Sir Bernard Jenkin in Brightlingsea. Discuss local issues that needed taking to a national level Opportunity to discuss local decisions and central government actions on them.
Police, Fire & Crime commissioner.23rd October. Roger Hirst.




Meeting County Hall.

Open forum for County Councillors. Not huge turnout. Surprised AG.

Expressed several local views re concerns. Most notable was police “presence”. Learnt extra 20 minutes per shift. Details re expected recruitment levels for extra 500 officers by 2021.   Of this 135 from new govt. initiative.   Individual copies of slides sent to ALL local Councillors.
Park & Ride.   Bus pass use in Colchester & Chelmsford.   NEW Possible changes regarding use of bus pass. Document consultation discussed. Outcome. Possibility extra hours for pass holders but charge for use of parking facility.
Request for disabled ramp at Waterside.







Email from Cllr Smith.

AG replied.


NEW. Second email and pictures sent by Cllr Smith to AG & Cllr Beckett. Ramp removed by builder.

Originally referred to Cllr. Beckett in capacity as MSR roads/highways.


Looks as if ramp may have been temporary building use.

I believe that matter could be referred back to TDC planning ASAP.   Not sure if ramp was ever included? Could reduce car parking spaces and width of road? Residents have already mentioned parking in front of newly completed flats.
Mill Street.







Not NEW but an ongoing problem for residents.

Request from resident for update regarding volume of traffic in Mill Street. Problems with heavy vehicles again. They were thought to be accessing building sites. Originally requested ECC Highways to look at options. Noted sign for “not suitable HGV’s” requested.


Ref LTEN 162031. Mill St., Robinson Rd., & Hurst Green

Reply from ECC dated June 2019.


Not 100% sure but assume some discussion has taken place direct with builder?

See Appendix below.


Provided Cllr Beckett with LHP brochures Oct.

Highway repairs.









Street light outside Tesco/bus stop. Still not repaired.



UPDATE.   Linked to Bollard repairs and request re Late Night shopping.

I reported at the last meeting that a start was going to be made before the end of November. Having chased to update I am told that the promise is still expected. Normal caveat about workers and gritting!
Chapel Road & Hurst Green

Pavement repairs initiative.



Expanded update.

Update from ECC 20/11.

Complications means to do job properly will need road closures. Problem is negotiations with bus company. In discussion

Provided agreement with bus company might as well take opportunity to complete more than originally planned. 400 Sq metres painted up – Orange. About 4 times amount of work. Good. But will cause disruption. More consultation.


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