1.ECC Recycling centres.

Circular sent to councilors via AG’s “clerk” system. Plus direct from ECC & press.

Question & answer document from portfolio-holder

Clacton Opened 18 May.  Restricted to certain types of domestic recycling.  Expecting delays & road issues.

2. ECC Highways Issues monthly bulletin

Circular sent to councilors via AG’s “clerk” system.

Update included article on older style concrete roads.  Plus repairs still being completed

AG wrote to highway buddy about similar roads in my division.  Awaiting response.  Bellfield Ave being looked at after AG requests

3. Notes from highway briefing

Circular sent to councilors via AG’s “clerk” system.

Speed & volume surveys temporarily suspended.

Grants for sports clubs and halls from Council

4. Local Highways Panel.

March 19 Cancelled. New scheduled date June 18

AG to attend as member of panel.  Cllrs Steady & Belgrove too.

5. B1027 speed review.


Discussions re accident reality and probability of accidents & deaths. B’sea motoring residents use this road Meeting with Cllrs 26/02. Priorities requested.  Possibility report to be prepared over coming months. Revolutionary choices?

With support from 4 councils AG has campaigned for overall review of whole length 3 to 4 years.

ECC have agreed to undertake full review of B1027 in summer.


6.  Colne School Zebra crossing & junction changes. Apr 7

Follow up to recent March meeting. Now scheduled at June 9.

Colne school sent out own invitations. AG attended. Jean Howard too.

AG & Cllr. Jean Howard to attend.  £5 million plus budget. Moving forward.

7. Regular update meetings with ECC officers and other Councillors.

Road resurfacing & re-dressing going ahead.

Parking partnership have been soft touch.

75% of business loans applied for have been paid.

Care Homes. Most not run by ECC by huge help given.

4000 volunteers for ECC Shield programe.

ECC spent £106 million extra. Two grants from central govt but only £37 & £26 millions.

Potential shortfall in rates.  Reserves being used.

COVID.  In many areas ECC are not entirely totally responsible, but are aware of their social and moral responsibility.

8. Library in Brightlingsea still closed.

Good uptake on electronic side.

When open will be interesting to see social distancing.

9. Tendring Eldercare.

Series of food parcels delivered to residents.

AG some deliver to local villages & Towns.

Much appreciated by residents.

10. Essex Coronavirus Action.     

Brightlingsea resident unable to use some of Govt supplied food due to health conditions

AG deliver. Discussed Cllr Chapman.

Arranged “swap” from Tendring eldercare more suitable food.

11. Community Shield. Apr 8

Conference by Zoom.  How best to use food parcels from Witham?

Found out ALL Councilors [inc Town & District] who volunteer can act on resident’s behalf. 

Volunteer status recommended as additional help to local efforts.

12.  Local residents. Enquiries

Guidance re Community Shield project

Asked to re-confirm Govt & TC guidance.

I am sure no different to all Councillors who are working really hard.

13. B’sea Chronicle

Discussed support

ECC agree BTC approach

ECC advert included most recent issue.

14. Tendring rated building community grants

Brightlingsea Scouts

Cllr Chapman consulted.  Good work together.

Assisted full grant from TDC.  They very efficient £10K

15. North Essex passenger group meeting

Discussion including home to school transport.

Social distance means that an 80 seater bus can only carry 19 passengers to rules!

Problem.  Essex spent years trying to get cars off school run.  May have to temporary change advice.

16. Potholes member led initiative. 2020

Plans to reintroduce. Similar to last time. Two bus lengths.

Some already on list. Some not qualify. Select.

AG to speak to each Council.  What’s their priority?

17. Park & pedal. Discussions

Part of walking & cycling initiatives from central government

Its not a “war” on cars.

Use park & ride facility in Colchester in a different and additional way.

18. Potholes. Update

Nice to see some good make safes and even some full repairs.

Less traffic makes some repairs easier.

Will continue. Employee need to distance make awkward situations.

20. Member grant

Discussion re options

Residents & Councils

Need consult

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