ECC Recycling centres.

Locally Clacton & Colchester.

Circular sent direct from ECC & press.

Initially only Clacton opened locally.  Now smaller sites open too.  Still some congestion but not as bad as early days.

Clacton Opened 18 May.  Listed restrictions initially.  Appear to be relaxed now. Allow 40 minutes!


ECC Highways monthly bulletin June 2020

Circular sent to councilors via AG’s “clerk” system.

Update included article on older style concrete roads.  Plus repairs still being completed.

In Tendring repairs to 73 County routes,64 local roads, & 117 pavements.

AG wrote to highway buddy about similar roads in my division.  Awaiting response.  Bellfield Ave being looked at after AG requests


Notes from highway briefing

Circular sent to councilors via AG’s “clerk” system.

Speed & volume surveys – temporarily suspended.

Felt that any results would not be truly representative.


4. Local Highways Panel.

June 19. Budget.  Only £15K unallocated for rest of 20/21.

AG attended as member of panel.  Cllr. Steady too.

Awaiting response from BTC re “Scooby snacks” junction.


B1027 overall speed review.


Discussions re accident reality and probability of accidents & deaths. All motoring residents use this road

With support from 4 councils AG has campaigned for overall review of whole length over the last 3 to 4 years.

Still ongoing. Perhaps Autumn?


Colne School Zebra crossing & junction changes.

June 19 LHP Meeting update. Cllr Howard updated after. Overall Plans already shown to BTC @ £5 M

Zebra crossing plans funds at £9K paid by ECC from expansion plans.  Needs funding.  Prob 22/23

300 plus students brings advantages and pressures.

LHP approved and funds transferred for design & plan stage.  School agreed to change pedestrian access site as part of package. Probably 21/22 unless cancelation slot available.     


Regular update meetings with ECC officers and other Councillors.

Variety of subjects.

4000 volunteers for ECC Shield programe.

ECC spent £106 million extra. Two grants from central govt but only £37 & £26 millions.

Potential shortfall in rates.  Reserves being used.  Good to have them!

COVID.  In many areas ECC are not entirely totally responsible, but are aware of their social and moral responsibility.


Library. B’sea

2nd sites opened this week.

No feedback yet.


Junior school opening

BTC Letters sent to Cllr Gooding & Claire Kershaw from BTC after earlier  meet.

Cllr Gooding replied to BTC

AG not received any negative comments.  I understand apologies offered


Community Shielding

4,000 volunteers over whole of Essex

Recommended as extra help to local efforts. Volunteers still getting requests for help. More mental health

Not all Volunteer used.  A good thing!  Still operating but on smaller basis.


Cycle track B1029.  On the hill.

Nasty accident involving one resident on his bike.  Gravel

Site visit with injured resident.  Pictures submitted. He completed ECC “report-it” tool. Cyclists good feedback.

Meet with TDC Highway Rangers – most work completed. One or two highway bits later.


Beacon at Zebra Crossing. Victoria Place

Pleased to have resolved “tape” issue.

Nice to see that the agreed “system” works.  Repairs urgent – once notified – repaired.  Good.

Beacon replaced and working.

Update requested 2nd pole. Julie chasing.


Churchill Close Tree

Resident request

Fallen tree in the Close.  Cllr Chapman aware

Tree debris removed. TDC Rangers.


North Essex passenger group meeting. June 12.

Discussion including home to school transport.

Social distance means that an 80 seater bus can only carry 19 passengers to rules!

Problem.  Essex spent years trying to get cars off school run.  May have to temporary change advice.


Potholes member led initiative. 2020

Plans to reintroduce. Similar to last time. Two bus lengths.

Some already on list. Some not qualify. Select.

AG to speak to each Council.  What’s their priority? When details clear produce request list from each Council.


Potholes & Pavements Update

Nice to see some good make safes and even some full repairs.

Less traffic makes some repairs easier.  Visited with residents.

Ladysmith Avenue & Victoria Place repairs well received. Red Barn Road looking better drives and pavements.


Member grant. £10K

Discussion re options

Residents & Councils & groups.

Need consult.  Paper in next month to discuss.


Full Council. ECC July 14 First ever “remote” meeting.  112 participants including public questions. ZOOM

A remarkably civilized & shorter 3 hour meeting. Virtually no interruptions bodes well for broadband speeds over whole of Essex.

Busy, but key points noted-

Nightingale Bursary £1.1M.

Thanks to staff

Recovery advisory board

Summer camps & activities for kids

Economy & Tourism initiatives

Back to school in September

Copies of statements to follow.  Sadly Rodney Bass died June 15.  Not COVID.


Meeting local business.

Met with Arif Ozerin

Expansion plans. Suggested he meet with BTC over possible junction changes.

Cllr Judson contacted, [thnks] and he visited. AG shared ECC details.  Good consultation.


Meeting with local business

Discussed possibility of Govt grant

AG assisted.

Forms submitted to TDC.  Awaiting outcome.


Minerals members briefing meet 23/06/20

Balancing competing needs of sustainable developments

Government require 7 years supply. Aggregates = Sand & Gravel. Brick Clay. GREEN what we must recycle and use again. Less landfill!

2014 adopted plan appears to be working well.  Good that we have so much locally [money] and that goods need does not have to travel so far.

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