Members Locality grant.

£10K allocated.

In addition to Seat, Bowser, & Porch.

Applied grant via Cllr. Howard.  Cycling training Church Lads brigade

ECC approved.  Key factor BTC funding @ 50%

Funding for in bloom bowser rescued by lead from BTC.


ECC support levels

Slight delays in service levels. Mainly hoghways.

First time noticed some items taking longer to respond.

Effect of Covid illness, at home teaching, surface water, snow & floods


Surface Water on some roads

Many reports

Worst Dec/Jan for 96 years for rain & water level of ground. Saturated.

Virtually no flooding where danger to property or life – apart Point Clear.



Cold snap

PR 1 routes gritted 3 times per night.  No reports of accidents

Knock on is that gritting staff are also repair road teams.  Some holdups.


Local Highways panel

AG attended 28 Jan 2021. + Cllr Steady.

Next meeting March 18 2021.


Covid Injections in Brightlingsea

Heard stories from Holland on Sea and Walton injection centres. Also tales of 40 plus patients at home.

Good reports back from over 70’s – and some under!


Back Waterside Lane

Site visit arranged

Catch up from last summer.  ECC confirmed liability to 63’. Cllr Judson involved

AG submitting report to challenge engineers.


Colne road repairs

Good discussion at last full meeting.  Plus meeting next day.

Site meetings during first day to deal with New Street parking issue.

Later site meetings in week.

Started week with a road full of potholes with complaints from residents, possible 9 days of challenging diversions, residents to appease, firms suffering and traffic bottlenecks in town. As well as negative prediction comments on social media.

For me the best piece of joint work from Tendring, Brightlingsea & Essex Councils.  Works completed in 5 days.

No complaints to me from public or commercial interests. None at Parish hall I am told.

Good liaison with firms created situation with much less vehicles on road.

One follow up requested from Museum re drain.

Thanks for positive support from Councilors.


Bellfield Avenue

Draft letter to residents to be agreed as joint effort.

Cllr Judson

Despite the 49 “make safe” repairs carried out, in there is a thought that the underlying problem is the variety of springs crossing this part of town.

Further investigating

Permission agreed.  Words on letter still to be agreed at time of report preparing


Highway Repairs

Wellington Street

First week February


ECC Budget 2021

Attended briefings

Probable no increase to rates apart from National 1.5% social services.

Will come before full Council in February 23rd


Mill Street

Update requested

Large vehicles using

Access only

Weight limit

Quiet Lane

Speed limit

Rat run.

AG preparing report for resident.  Cllr Judson to agree.


B1027 review published.

Updated briefing.

Report agreed at LHP

A new approach.  Rather than look at individual lengths of road a decision was made to study all 11 miles between Wivenhoe & Clacton.

Trying to change “criteria”. From National to Hertfordshire.  Kevin Bentley in favour.  Mentioned at full council 08/12/20


Tree planting

Discussion with Terry Hamilton.

Possibility of replacing trees on Church Road.  BTC have funds.

Terry getting extra details.

Agenda Item 06 – Council Meeting 18.02.21

AG personal notes to Brightlingsea Council.  Week commencing February 15th 2021.

Possible Items of interest to residents.

Report Potholes

Essex County Council is responsible for highways in and around Brightlingsea. Report potholes directly here.


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