1].ECC Highways meeting.  Individual to Brightlingsea Councillors – as requested


Friday 21 Feb.  Town Hall.  B’sea. ECC Head of maintenance plus AG’s “buddy”.

To discuss ECC repair and maintenance procedures and systems.

Report from David Forkin & Peter Rose from ECC. Main parts were how ECC prioritize repairs, system for reporting and strategy.  Agreed to urge residents to use report it tool, then Julie at BTC. Overall budgets discussed

2].Chapel Lane.  Pavement repairs.


Part of ECC Member initiative.  Now completed Much more than originally expected or promised.

Delayed due to works in Red Barn Road.  Also negotiations with bus company needed.  Unique shuttle bus will operate


3]. Church Road.


Pot-hole reports

Scheduled for “make safe” initially and then full scrape of areas.

Conflict with gas repairs outside Colne school has put back schedule.

4]. Back Waterside Lane

From last month..

Site visit with ECC technician.  Resident complaint road surface.

Met with residents.  Am reporting back.

Investigation appears to reveal that ECC liability extends further than expected.  Being discussed.

5].Bellfield Road.


Ongoing.  Due to be re-inspected soon as normal action.

Site visit with Buddy.

Problem is level of capital expenditure needed.

6].Local Highways Panel.


Next meeting.  March 19 Cancelled. New scheduled date June 18

AG to attend as member of panel.  Cllr Steady attends also as TDC rep.

Panel may ask abput Brightlingsea intentions re Ladysmith Ave junction.  Also likely discuss COLNE – see later note

7]. B1027 speed review.


Discussions re accident reality and probability of accidents & deaths. B’sea motoring residents use this road Meeting with Cllrs 26/02. Priorities requested.  Possibility report to be prepared over coming months. Revolutionary choices?

With support from 4 councils AG has campaigned for overall review of whole length 3 to 4 years.

ECC have agreed to undertake full review of B1027 in spring.  Meeting scheduled at Feb 26 with Officers & local Cllrs.  St Osyth hosting.


8]. Pre-school and nurseries.  Early years learning.


AG outside visits to settings in Tendring.


ECC fund some income and capital.  Extra focus on special needs children.  Do we close and send home kids?

Checking effect of virus.  Very dangerous options.

9].MP visits waterside and Lido. Sat 29/02/20


Sir Bernard Jenkin visited Brightlingsea.  Wanted to be kept aware of flooding issues and consequences after calls from residents.

Cllrs. Barry, Chasney & Carr attended.

Site visit organised to Western prom and then pump house/cafe at Lido.

10].Pride of Tendring Awards


Attended Clacton Princes Theatre.

Also attending Cllrs Barry, Chapman & Steady.

Local awards to groups from Lido, Saturday Club & Porridge & pens.  All well deserved.

11].East of England Education services. Quarterly meeting. 03/03/20

Hertford. Including education directors from Suffolk, Herts, Cambridge

AG represented Essex.

Key position re Fostering & adoption. Some high needs kids costing up to £3,000 per week!

12].Transport Tendring meeting 06/03/20.  Organised by ECC.

Town Hall Colchester

Regular meetings with bus companies and ECC and transport reps from local councils.  Combined Tendring & Colchester.

Bus shelter project. Park & ride. Subsidized late-nite bus routes.  Question & answer sessions.   Good attendance.  Not all councils represented

13]. Coronna Virus  and members update. County Hall. 10/03/20

Dr. Gogarty.

Update about National and local options

Very uncertain times.  ECC looking at many options.  Developing and changing daily.

14]. 1Colne School Zebra crossing & junction changes. Apr 7

School requests update.  March 23rd meet cancelled.  Replaced by electronic meeting

Colne school sent out own invitations. AG attended. Jean Howard too. Also ECC officers

AG & Cllr. Jean Howard submitted written report. Could be great for Town. £5 million plus budget

15].Bradwell Power Station

Attended public meeting at BTC offices. 12/03/20 

Addressed Peter Banks – Mersea Cllr. Green Party Parliamentary candidate.

Surprised at low turn-out from residents & locals.  Mr Banks knows his subject.

16].March 16. COBRA style meeting.  Town Hall

Meeting Mayor, TDC Cllrs & ECC Cllr.  Discuss Covid

Plans and options discussed

17].Yacht Club

AG. Yacht Club application to ECC for interim COVID support

Acknowledged & referred to TDC.

18].Local High Street shop

AG Help with staying open options & clarity

Guidance given from ECC.

19].Tendring Eldercare.

Started 27 Mar

Series of food parcels delivered to Brightlingsea residents.

AG Deliver to Brightlingsea residents some days.

Much appreciated by residents.

20].Essex Coronavirus Action.     Apr 15

Brightlingsea resident unable to use some of Govt supplied food due to health conditions

AG deliver. Discussed Cllr Chapman.

Arranged “swap” from Tendring eldercare more suitable food.

21].Local resident

Apr 17

Help with shopping for local confined resident with intolerances. Spoke Cllr Chapman.

Particular foods wished. At Morrisons Clacton.

Morrisons excelled.  Food delivered and good contact made with resident and worker from Great Bentley

22].Community Shield. Apr 8

Conference by Zoom.  How best to use food parcels from Witham.

Found out ALL Councilors [inc Town & District] who volunteer can act on resident’s behalf.  Limited use but may help.

Volunteer status recommended as additional help to local efforts.

23]. AG Clinic at Library cancelled.

14 April

To be replaced later

24]. Zoom meeting BTC. COVID update

Update with TDC Cllrs & Mayor. Apr 17.

Really good response from public

Another in 3 / 4 weeks time.

25]. Local residents. Enquiries

Guidance re Community Shield project

Asked to re-confirm Govt & TC guidance.

I am sure no different to all Councillors who are working really hard.

26]. B’sea Chronicle

Discussed support

ECC agree BTC approach

Advert included this issue.

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