Lights & power in Victoria Place.


Problems with power to fountain & 2 lights owned by BTC, AG invited to help.   Discussions involving Julie, Cllr Chapman & Terry. Uncertainty about who owns lights and power point UK Power or BTC or ECC? Possible issues.
Problems at School – COLNE


Resident has problems with Colne school re her daughters’ diet and other issues. Emails exchanged. Discussions with Cllr Chapman. ACTION>Suggested & recommended that she contacts board of governors before going to press.
Library Call in at ECC Aug 8 AG to attend AG to read report & study 16 points of argument.
Local Highways Panel

Meeting. Weeley.

June 13






Problem with overall budget. £100K match funding from TDC not here yet, Means £100K from ECC not available either. As reported at June meeting.  Variety of projects on hold. Leftover from last meeting. Noted comments from BTC minutes disagree.   The minutes of LHP meeting June 13 19 definitely point to £100K / £150K shortfall?
Paddling Pool


Meeting called re excavation Sure that other Councillors attending Aug 29. Sailing club. 10.00



Request for help with grant from ECC AF supporting application to CIF. £10,000 for stage II Likely to be several months to prepare full bid.
Library. [Not part of ECC meeting but on linked subject].





The Community Right to Bid is a provision in the Localism Act 2011, giving community groups a right to identify buildings or land considered having value to the community and to bid for these assets.



Assets of community value. It has also become known as the ‘community right to bid’. Community assets can be nominated by parish councils or by groups with a connection with the community. Individuals cannot nominate community assets. If the nomination is accepted, local groups will be given time to come up with a bid for the asset if it is ever available for sale.. AG to ask Brightlingsea Council to consider registering the Library building in New Street under the Community Building interest Asset Scheme. No individual can do this on their own but an existing group such as a Town Council can!


If Council would prefer not to get involved there are individuals who would create a group.

No cost involved.   No commitment needed. May be premature but it will at least lay down a “marker” for the future. AG asking for issue to be mentioned at July meeting. Already mentioned to a few Councillors who may have opportunity to raise.


Update. Council disagreed at Jul meeting.

Meeting July 10 AG meeting with substantial local business to discuss any help available from ECC with regard to expansion. AG attended with ECC officer. Good start. Opportunity to grow in this area. Employment. Parallel growth in other associated business’s
ECC Footway initiative. Paper circulated to me as member. Key is that it contains pictures and double decker bus guide.


Copy sent to Tracey for circulation to Councillors and discussed at June meeting. I have 5 parishes.   Assuming all take one. I would like numbers by July 31. BTC to decide which. Mentioned at June meeting. Awaiting response from BTC regarding selected sites.

Report now recd from Cllrs Beckett & Judson. Submitted & on list.

Victoria Place.   Improvements to gardens and memorial. Community Initiative Fund [CIF] application at ECC AG supported Town Council application in conjunction with Cllr Chapman & Terry Hamilton. Result expected at next CIF meeting.
AG Bi-Monthly ECC residents clinic




Library 13 Aug 1. Residents questions.

2. Also opportunity to talk to staff, and look at recent figures.

Computers upgraded last week.

AG surprised to see fall in numbers.

Resident problem with overhanging trees from local school Referred by Jean as ECC school AG visited.   Yes he has a good point. AG to help him with letter back to school AG letter to school. Subsequently school held site visit and agreed a problem.   School to resolve during school summer holiday term.
Victoria Place. Street light at bus stop damaged Originall advised “on list” for repair. 6 months old. Extra pictures sent to ECC from AG & Terry. AG requested escalation to repair programme. 09/08/19. Approved.
Cycle Path. B1029


Advised by Terry He reported to ECCHighways 13/08/19 Advised visit this week from them. 14/09/19
Proposed joint meeting AG with 3 TDC Cllrs Discuss joint projects   Date to be arranged when Mayor returns from holiday.


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