B1027 review published.

Last months item 10.

Report to be agreed at LHP on Thursday

A new approach.  Rather than look at individual lengths of road a decision was made to study all 11 miles between Wivenhoe & Clacton.

Some wins with speed reductions.  Others still need further consideration/evidence.


Highway repairs over last 4 years

Detailed list of repairs/actions completed  in B’sea

Consultation with Cllr. Judson.  ECC provided a list of works completed in the town at specific locations. Highlights range. Gullys. Make safes. Surface dressing. Faded lines. Bollards. Sink Holes. Standing water. Spills. Kerbs. Trees down. Signs etc.

A 4 year list shows 500 plus actions throughout the Town.  Not everything that was reported but a substantial amount.


Procedure for reporting road & path defects and maintenance.

Since 2018 a system of reporting has been agreed by BTC. Works well

The ECC “report it” tool is available on the BTC, the TDC & ECC websites. The excellent staff at the Town Hall [including Julie & Tracey} have a first rate system of reporting and tracing.

The system works very well. The 500 repairs [above] show the degree of success.  It is not helpful if different systems are reported on social media.


Bellfield Ave

Repairs originally reported to the LHP. 

Too big.

It is now obvious that the size of the underlying problem takes any potential work to the major projects team.  £100Kplus

Despite the 49 “make safe” repairs carried out, in there is a thought that the underlying problem is the variety of springs crossing this part of town.

Further investigation is needed. Lobbying from Cllrs Judson & Goggin.  Contact with residents.

ECC have agreed the integrity of the sewers needs investigating.  A design brief has been prepared prior to investigation.  If agreed it needs to be scheduled into the large works budget.


Free school meals. Half term.

“Holiday hunger”.

ECC actions.

£165K committed. £12,850 spent in Colchester, plus £8,441 Tendring incl B’sea

Grants provided to local food bank & school settings.  Extra cash provided direct for some families in need.  Now looking at options available at Xmas & Easter etc.

Extra funds being applied for in B’sea. Current.

Wider issue is not just to provide one meal for a day that a student is at school. Emphasis on days when NOT at school, including weekends, and other two meals in the day!


Parking at school

Resident. Request yellow lines. [Miss W]

Concerns about parking at arrive & leave times.  Pictures taken.

AG explained future re Zebra crossing, and possible slowing effect of random parked cars.


Mill Street Trees.

Resident report. [LM]

Worried – trees may be affected Dutch Elm Disease. Discussed Cllr. Judson. Not highways currently.

Referred to TDC tree warden. Clive Dawson. V.quick reply.


Passenger transport meeting


Buses running with only 10/20% passengers – prior to shutdown. B’sea may benefit by attending

ECC committed to subsidy to maintain essential service.  Review later.


Full ECC Council

08 December 20

Full agenda not yet published


School safety meet 29/09

550 Schools

13,000 staff

200,000 students

61 cases report

Attendance at schools this period normally 95% at this time.

91.5% acheived

Schools perceived as safe places.  Responses from parents and employess great


Colne School expansion

Consultation period finished

ECC involved in Zebra crossing discussions

Awaiting report


Local Govt reform

Will it happen?

The effect of COVID & BREXIT combined.

Looks more and more as if delay possible. White paper December?


Essex Youth Community

Meeting 02/10

6th form college lack of time/rooms.  Possibly create “hubs” for students.  A lot involved. Much needed.

Possible B’sea Library.  Update new funding available.


Heritage project

Liaison with Cllr Carr

Support needed from ECC + MP.

Letters of support re grant application. Other ideas.


Potholes member led initiative. 2020

Details circulated to BTC

Submitted from B’sea.

{Alresford this week scheduled]

Hopefully next few months start.


Member locality grant.

Guidelines & rules circulated. Discussion re options

Application approved for “pleased to chat” bench.  Ordered. Discussions Cllr. Chapman with further ideas along same line. Will be copied in Alresford & Thorrington.

2nd application for “in Bloom” replacement hand water bowser.  Bloom will provide 25% funding. Yet to be approved.


LHP. Traffic speed & volume surveys

Reinstated following suspension during lockdown,

Withdrawn when 2nd lockdown started.  A few completed prior.

Report Potholes

Essex County Council is responsible for highways in and around Brightlingsea. Report potholes directly here.


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