Brightlingsea Town Council is to hold talks on Monday June 13 with Tendring District Council over the future of Brightlingsea Swimming Pool.

According to the Tendring, urgent repairs costing around £40,000 are to be carried out so that the pool will open and operate throughout this summer season. In the longer term the site may be sold to the Town Council for £1 and it may then take over its administration.

Last year TDC subsidised the pool to the tune of £55,000, with BTC contributing another £10,000. However, Tendring says that as it is looking for savings of £3.5million by 2020 it could not allow that level of subsidy –way above other leisure site – to continue. Attendance figures from May to September were 8,331 and around 50 per cent of those were visitors from outside the District.

Carlo Guglielmi, TDC’s Cabinet Member for Enforcement and Community Safety, said that it is vital that the Council makes the most of its assets. “This is a typical example of where we cannot justify carrying on financing all the facilities we have and there is scope to achieve a positive outcome,” he said. “We are happy to bring the facility up to standard for the summer however facilities in community use must be looked after by that community.”

TDC Leader Neil Stock described the pool as an expensive facility which is not used by many Tendring residents who are paying for its upkeep. “However, no one wants to see it close as this pool is important to Brightlingsea but we need to find the best way forward,” he added.