Update  from Town and District Councillors – Agenda No. 11

Council Meeting 15th October 2020

Mayors Announcements (Councillor Steady)

21/9 Received Past Town Mayor and Councillor Oliver’s funeral cortege with  past and present councillors and staff.

23/9  With Cllr Chapman delivered meals to John King Court residents provided by local business The Brewers Arms, The Bargain Store, Smiths Butchers, Bumbles, Little Boat Gift Shop, Spar and Vibe Hairdressers.

25/9 Meeting with Cllrs Beckett and Judson

6/10 Meeting with Cllrs Chasney and Howard.

Amenity Areas (Councillor Steady)

19/9 Attended meeting with Cllr Carr ,at the recreation ground, with representatives of the Cricket Club regarding upgrade of facilities.

6/10 Attended meeting with Grounds Manager Terry Hamilton, Julie Ford, Susie Jenkins and Tracey Tierney regarding areas suitable for our tree planting initiative.

Areas identified War Memorial Gardens, Town owned greens ward along Church Road, green area on corner of Spring Road/Ladysmith Avenue, EWD land in Morse’s Lane( This area to be in conjunction with 4 Youth) Manor Wood and land on the periphery of Hopkins Homes development. Discussions on-going with Essex CC, EWD and Hopkins Homes.

Lido (Councillor Barry)

Nothing to report.

The Hard (Councillor Carr)

With the cancellation of the Colne Yacht Club Bonfire and Fireworks Display this year, CYC have been looking at an alternative attraction for Christmas and have settled on the theme of “Harbour Lights”.  Over the last few weeks they have been talking to people and discussing a range of options and the idea is beginning to get some traction.

Key elements that are developing so far:

Provide an attractive vista in and around the Harbour that would allow Brightlingsea Residents space to walk around and enjoy some Christmas Lights.

The idea is to host the event out over a number of days  to allow for social distancing.

Provisional Dates: From weekend of 12th December – 25th December ( to be confirmed).

Lights would be on provisionally from 5pm -8 pm each evening ( to be confirmed) to allow residents to walk down at their convenience.

Main attraction would be free ( Sleigh Ride Cost)

  • Oliver’s Warf /Essex Cement have promised 15ft Plus Christmas Tree to be positioned on Quayside, probably next to the Black Anchor in front of the club.
  • NMR have been persuaded to provide the lights to decorate the tree.
  • Brightlingsea Harbour is considering  “Sleigh Rides” on the Water Taxi for children (at a cost tbd).  Trips booked in advance between 5-7pm. Start from Town Jetty, around the Heritage Pontoon, back to the CYC Jetty to create a one was system.  Limited numbers.  For those not going on the boat ride we would also create a one way system to facilitate social distancing.  The ride would initially be scheduled for the weekends but additional days opened up if it proved popular.
  • 211  tall scaffolding outline of a tree (Rick and Ray).  Possibly to put on balcony of club or on jetty – it will be heavy and need tying securely. Will also need lights.
  • The Mine is going to be dressed as a Christmas Pudding
  • BSC to provide a boat or two that will be lit
  • 6ft Statue of Father Christmas (Papier Mache) to stand in front of the Yacht Club
  • Individuals and companies beginning to volunteer to build structures that can be decorated including:
    • Park and Ride
    • Steve Scales
    • Pencil Bob
  • Venues who might be interested in serving beverages (subject to covid restrictions): Waterside Deli, CYC ( yet to talk to No 1 Harbour, Yachtsman’s). Having to seat people may be an issue. If not folk can just walk round and leave.

 On their wish list of things that would really add to the experience:

  • Lights to decorate the roof of the shelter on the Hard.
  • Lights to decorate the Anchor
  • Lights to decorate the Buoy
  • Lights to decorate the Hut on the Hard
  • A row of Christmas Trees or decorated balconies on the Harbour Houses
  • Lights and decorations on the jetties, dolphins and posts
  • Boats in and around the Harbour to be lit up

Next Steps:

They are talking to the Christmas Tree Festival Team next Friday to see if they could link with other groups round town to provide more of a route for those who wish to take a winter walk.

They are talking to the Rotary about visits from Santa on the Sleigh.

They will continue to ask for sponsorship or for organisations to make/ donate shapes and lights that could form part of the spectacle.

Request of the Brightlingsea Town Council:

They are writing to formally request permission to set up this event, which will take place in and around the Hard.  Exact dates and times to be confirmed as above.

They would like to request that the Council consider making a donation of at least £500 towards the organisation of this event, in lieu of a donation usually made towards Fireworks.

They would like to request that the Council consider taking on the action to decorate the roof of the shelter on the Hard with lights.  (Details of timings as above).

Should the council also happen to have access to any spare lights, that are not being used to decorate the High Street we would also be grateful if they could be utilised for this event.

A detailed event plan will be produced as per our previous activities.

In the event of a lockdown the lights could be lit – there would be no rides/ food but the spectacle could be visited as part of an exercise regime.

As this is the first time they have attempted something like this they are open to ideas and recommendations.

Welfare and Services for the Elderly (Councillor Chapman)

Approximately 1,300 Flu vaccinations were given at the Council office over the course of 2 Saturdays.  The Surgery has now booked 2 further afternoons for children’s flu vaccinations.

Diabetic eye screening was held at the Council Office w/c 5.10.20, over 6 days, which had 90 people booked in.


Patients booked


























































Positive feedback is still being received, the patients are pleased that this service is in Brightlingsea and they do not have to travel to Clacton or Colchester.    

Had a meeting with Age Concern who are looking for volunteers to visit or phone local residents who are on there own or just come out of hospital.  Also they will do dementia training for councillors, either in small groups or when allowed all councillors that wish to attend.

Western Promenade (Councillors Howard and Chasney)


Partnership Meeting with TDC – 30 September 2020

Participants: TDC: Ian Taylor, Mike Carran, Yana Humphries, Scott Lawrence

BTC: Jean Howard, John Carr, Graham Chasney

This was the second partnership meeting held between TDC and BTC, and we were delighted to be joined by Ian Taylor.

The agenda covered the following topics

  1. Attendees and Apologies
  2. Minutes of Last Meeting
  3. Matters Arising
  4. Seafront Shelters and Benches
  5. Skate Park Update
  6. Children’s Play Area
  7. Heritage Pier Project
  8. Flood Defences
  9. Season Debrief
  10. Any other business

Matters Arising

Following on from a recent alert from the Sailing Club, BTC thanked Ian Taylor for his prompt action in replacing the benches at the eastern end of the Prom.

Mike Carran enquired about the jet ski position offering support, and John Carr updated the meeting and also reported on the safe bathing area.

Seafront Shelters and Benches

Lido – in brief Ian Taylor commented that the Lido shelter had been difficult to find a solution to in the past  because it held fond memories for many local people.  On balance he felt it better to restore it rather than rebuild and would commission some thinking on how this could be done.  He also pointed out that the land is owned by BTC and the shelter by TDC.

Batemans – It was agreed the this position offers one of the best views in the area and it seems that TDC have been looking at rebuilding this to reflect that.  Designs are being proposed that are sympathetic with the Tower, with views up river, strategically placed windows and office accommodation for the Warden. to follow.

Skate Park and Pawson’s Playground

Councillor Jean Howard presented the case for replacing the present structure as it was becoming fatigued and unsafe, with one section already sealed off.  She made reference to skateboarding now being included in the Olympics. She also explained the position with Pawsons and our plans to consider using a wet pour surface on top of a Tarmac base.  TDC agreed that it would be pointless to move it to higher ground and felt we should make provision for flooding every five years.

TDC said that more than £150K of S106 money was available for amenities such as these and they would be prepared to part-fund the construction of a new skate park and contribute financially to the play area. They suggested we should approach specialist firms to design and cost a replacement skate park, and offered to put forward the names of contractors who made bids for the splendid Dovercourt skate park.

Heritage Quayside and Pontoon

Councillor Carr gave a shared-screen presentation of the proposal including concept illustrations and technical detail.  The TDC representatives congratulated him on having developed the plan to such an advanced stage and offered their support for the project.  They asked to be keep in the loop and agreed their willingness to provide a ‘planning buddy’ to help steer the team through the permissions process.

Flood Defences

Put simply, Tendring are of the view that building walls to hold back the water is not the answer.  In their view it is better to work with nature and introduce systems that allow water to escape more quickly, and thus reduce the damage laying water creates.  Various schemes are under consideration.


Model Boat Club

Councillors Howard and Chasney, together with Grounds Manager Terry, met with the commodore and secretary of the Model Boat Club in their clubhouse on 29 September for the annual get-together.  The Club is doing well with 60 members. We discussed scrapping the lake and thinning out the vegetation on the islands and promised we would investigate the Scouts plans for their adjoining premises.  The MBC are interested to learn if it may be available to store their rowing dinghy.

Batemans Café

Following the MBC meeting, Councillors Howard and Chasney called on Lisa Brown to see where she is with everything her situation and to offer support. She confirmed she had the builder and a newly-appointed local architect working together on the project and was feeling much more optimistic.

Lakeside Campsite

Councillor Howard has made contact with Michael McCarthy to check his remedial plans following her emails to him and the written complaints she had also forwarded on to him.


Mr McCarthy confirmed that a new, more suitable site manager is being recruited together with additional staff to take care of regular cleaning of loos and showers on a rota basis. The rubbish aspects and electrical concerns will also be attended too. We will follow up progress later this year and visit in February / March.

Youth (Councillor Howard)

The Church Lads and Church Girls Brigade in Brightlingsea are looking to offer its members the opportunity to enrol in a cycling training program. This program will help teach them how to safely, confidently and responsibly ride their bikes on the road.

CLCGB are an independently funded voluntary charity youth organisation and they are aiming to cover the cost of this for its members that may otherwise not be able to afford such training.

They have asked if Brightlingsea Town Council would be willing to assist in funding.  The course details are as follows:

4 x 1.5hr sessions

Session 1 – Starting, stopping, observation and paired riding.

Session 2 – Signalling and one-handed riding

Session 3 – Junctions (left/right, major to minor and minor to major)

Session 4 – Fun session. We would have equipment such as see-saw, bike limbo, skinny ramp and rumble strips available for the riders to be coached on.


– Each 90min session = £192 (£768 total)

– Travel time/fuel = £120 each session (£480 total)

Total = £1,248 

Tendring District Council Report (Councillor Steady)

30/9 Substituted for Councillor Chapman at the Local Plan and Planning Policy Committee, items White Paper “Planning for the Future” and Section Two of The Local Plan.

6/10 Skype meeting with Councillors Chapman and Barry and TDC Chief Executive Ian Davidson, interesting ideas discussed mainly around asset transfer, flood prevention and funding.

Tendring District Council Report (Councillor Barry)

Attended Scrutiny Committee meeting on 21.9.20.

Raised issues around waste and recycling service report e.g. – where are we in league tables and why is our plastic recycling so limited?  Answers – near the bottom and cost – both unsatisfactory in my view.  No vision or enterprise in report.

Further report on leisure service provision raised local issues – no pitch improvements planned here as in other areas for example – was told West Tendring ‘ not forgotten’.

We will see.

Met Chief Executive on 6.10.20 with other District Cllrs.

Attended all member briefing Re Local Government Reforms on 7.10.20.

Report Potholes

Essex County Council is responsible for highways in and around Brightlingsea. Report potholes directly here.


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