In normal times  Brightlingsea Town Council would hold fortnightly meetings to discuss planning applications which had been submitted to Tendring District Council and on very rare occasions Essex County Council (which is the Minerals and Waste Planning Authority). The public were always welcome at those meetings and the planning committee were always interested to hear what local people had to say.

Unfortunately those meetings at the Parish Hall can no longer take place until government guidelines are changed. However, ‘meetings’ still take place and you can continue to have your say in two ways. The committee meets via ‘Zoom’ every fortnight. Most people find Zoom relatively easy and you can practice on the web to familiarise how it works. You must notify Tracey Pulford, the Town Clerk and she will send you an invitation to the meeting. Simply click on that five minutes before the meeting and she will ‘let you in’! At the appropriate time you will be invited to speak. The agenda for the meeting is published a week before and lists the applications to be discussed with their respective application numbers. The latter is important because you can then go to the Tendring District Council Planning web site and click on ‘Public Access’. This allows you to look at all the plans and documents relating to the application.

If you don’t want to join the ‘Zoom’ planning committee meeting to give your comments you can write or email Tendring District Council Planning Department but it would be greatly appreciated if you could send a copy of your comments to the Town Council so we can consider these when we ‘meet’.

The Town Council does not have any kind of veto on the applications but the officer dealing with the application or the committee (if the application goes before the Planning Committee) always take note of what local people say.

It is important that new buildings and alterations to buildings in the town are of high quality in terms of design and help retain the quality and character of the Brightlingsea environment. On behalf of BTC Planning Committee we want to work with the public to achieve that. Please do continue to have your say.

Councillor Ben Smith,
Brightlingsea Town Council Planning Committee

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