Transport The new bus time tables were due to start on 10/4/16, but no mention of any changes to the 87 service seems to be published. So far it is established that the services which were contracted by County Council are no longer being subsidised. I shall try and find out what the future holds for these services.


Highways Our County Councillor Alan Goggin may mention some of the items in this report, in his report to the council.

I attended the Local Highways Panel (LHP) on 07/04/16 at Weeley and a number of Brightlingsea issues that have been the subject to recent reports were being presented. It seems that progress is being made (at last) with the Town Centre Parking Restrictions. The Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGV) problems with Mill Street are nearly ready to be sent to the LHP and the Traffic Calming (mini-roundabouts) at the Church Road/Spring Road etc. junction needs a bit of fine tuning before being sent to the LHP.

Nothing further can be done with regard to the Waterside/Fieldgate Dock parking arrangements as there is still a delay with the District Council over the Planning consent