This is my last MSR Report on the pool. Tendring District Council has let Brightlingsea down again with the way it is handling the maintenance of the pool. The cracks have not been completed to a very good standard and the painting has been done by Tendring brush hands, leaving it in as bad a mess as what it was in the previous years. If they had taken a little advise from myself, who has had 40 years plus in the building trade, we would have a lot better results. I have grave doubts about the future of the pool and whoever takes over my MSR they will have no authority as Tendring’s attitude I’m afraid is that they own the pool and have their own agenda and just inform you when it suits them.

My last act is to have the tarmac relayed by the left hand side of the pool, which commenced on Tuesday 14th April. I will be overseeing this work, as I have always done with the work I have authorised on behalf of Brightlingsea Town Council.