You are hereby summoned to the Annual Meeting of the Council to be held in the Parish Hall, Victoria Place, Brightlingsea on Thursday 17th May 2018 at 7.30 p.m. for the transaction of the business stated below.


Tracey Pulford


Tracey Pulford (11th May 2018)

Town Clerk


C O U N C I L   A G E N D A


  1. Election of Town Mayor for 2018-2019


  1. Installation of Town Mayor – Signing of Declaration of Acceptance of Office


  1. Election of Deputy Mayor for 2018-2019


  1. Apologies for Absence: Councillor Russell


  1. Minutes

To receive the Minutes of the Meeting held on the 19th April 2018 and to confirm as a correct record.


  1. Declaration of Disclosable Pecuniary Interests

Members are reminded of the requirement to disclose any Interest in relation to items on the Agenda, when these are discussed.


  1. Appointments of Committees / Councillor Contact and Coordinator / Representatives on Outside Bodies as per Standing Orders
  2. a) Standing Committees – Finance & Property Committee (7 Members)

Staff Committee (7 Members)

Planning Committee (7 Members)


  1. b) Councillor Contact and Coordinator –

Amenity Areas & Open Spaces

Western Promenade

Swimming Pool

Youth & Services for Children

Footpaths & Allotments

Tourism & Communication

Welfare and Services for the Elderly

Hard & Harbour

Transport & Highways


  1. c) Members appointed as Representatives on Outside Bodies –

Essex & Tendring Association of Local Councils

Colne Smack Preservation Society

Health Authorities

Colne Estuary Partnership

Local Police Liaison

Churchyard Committee

Charity of James Aldous for a Public Museum




  1. Finance

            (a) To receive and approve the recommendations of those Members examining the Accounts for the current period.

(b) Report from Councillor Steady, Chairman of the Finance Committee.


  1. County Councillor Goggin


  1. To receive questions from the public


  1. Planning

To receive the Minutes of the Planning Meeting held on 19th April and 3rd May 2018 and to note planning decisions of Tendring District Council.


  1. To receive reports submitted from Councillor Contacts and Coordinators


  1. To receive reports submitted from Member Representatives on Outside Bodies


  1. To receive reports submitted from District Councillors


  1. BTC Schedule of Meetings – June 2018 – May 2019 (Council and Planning)


  1. To receive the Town Clerk’s Report and determine actions requested


Report Potholes

Essex County Council is responsible for highways in and around Brightlingsea. Report potholes directly here.


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