Amenity Areas & Footpaths and Open Spaces (Councillor Steady)

Footpaths – Due to the overgrown state of Footpaths in the town, which come under the auspices of Essex County Council, our Grounds Team have cut footpath 5 (between Morses Lane Industrial Estate and the old “Astralux” site). The cycle path leading from the Olde Forge down to the bottom of Church Hill has been an ongoing subject of various comments on social media, again our team has carried out the maintenance on this stretch. The problem is Essex County Council and Tendring District Council cannot do regular cuts, this is something that we will have to try and address going forward.

All our amenity areas are being well used, which is good, but which leads to management problems. This is something which we will have to review.

Allotments (Councillor Steady)

Since the last update on allotments, we had an inspection and letters went out on 14th May, giving 9 people 4 weeks’ notice to improve.  We have now sent four termination letters to those who have not responded, these plots will immediately be re-allocated now.   Two plots have been re-allocated already.   Three people have made improvements on their plots. There are currently 11 people on the waiting list.