Amenity Areas & Footpaths and Open Spaces (Councillor Steady)

9/4 Attended meeting regarding the management of Warrens Pond, with Cllr Howard. Pleased to report that a new committee is being formed to secure the future of the facility.


17/4 attended the AGM of the Allotment Association, with our grounds manager Terry Hamilton


Amenity Areas & Open Spaces (Councillor Barry)

Following representations from Brightlingsea Rugby Club regarding possible training on the Recreation Ground a site visit was held with councillors, officers of the club and the Grounds Manager. It was agreed that a training facility would be made available from September 2018 to April 2019 on Tuesday evenings from 7-9pm. Storage facilities for equipment and training lights would be made available in the compound. The location of the training area was selected to minimise any inconvenience and rugby club officers agreed to send a letter to local residents informing them of the training times.