As we come to the end of the financial year (year ending 31.3.18) Brightlingsea Town Council is forecasting a strong financial performance. This is the product of prudent budgeting and accessing £43,000 from Tendring District Council to fund improvements to our amenity areas. This will enable the Council to carry on with its policy of providing better services and facilities.

An example of this policy is the taking back of the open-air swimming pool, to be rebranded Brightlingsea Lido, from Tendring District Council. The exciting development plans will make the facility unique, not just for our town but the whole area.

The Town Council’s part of the council tax for the year 2018/2019 has been increased by 5%, which for a Band D property equates to an extra £2.82 per year. This increase will help with the Council’s commitment to improve staff remuneration in recognition of the increase in work load and also the service they provide for our community. Therefore the increase for the staff remuneration, year on year, equates to an increase of 3.9%. This brings the increase over the last three years to 14.5% overall, which includes the addition of an extra member of staff.

Statement from Councillor Steady